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Live online player and game graph for the past 24 hours for all of CnCNet, refreshes automagically every 5 minutes so you can keep it open. Times are in UTC. CnCNet 4 statistics are here.

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Our all-time high was total of 362 players connected on March 23, 2014

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CnCNet 5 tunneling servers

Want to host your own public or private tunnel? Download the cncnet-tunnel executable file for Windows (and any other Java platform) from and fire it up. For usage help run it with -h argument. Taken that there are clients that comply to the specification your tunnel should be usable immediately after starting.

Example on Linux: java -jar cncnet-tunnel.exe -name "My Cool Tunnel Server" -maxclients 32 -headless

With default settings, you need to have port 50000 open both UDP and TCP. If you don't make sure they are people are unable to used it.

Please note that all non-official servers do not have the official server icon and will be shown after them to avoid confusion and possible abuse.

The master list for clients is at and is updated automatically whenever a tunnel server is brought up.

Name Address Players
CnCNet Germany - Hosted by NodeDeploy 64 / 200
CnCNet USA 46 / 100
CnCNet United Kingdom 32 / 100
CnCNet The Netherlands 11 / 100
CnCNet Highspeed 2 / 999
Stahlwerke Germany exclusive 2 / 12
[N3] High Performance Tunneler 2 / 240
MaDChina 0 / 60
Smokers Tunnel - 0 / 320
Swedish Premium 0 / 100 0 / 999

The flag icons on this page are from famfamfam and other icons from Fugue Icons. Country information from GeoLite by MaxMind.