Remembering ZiGZaG

Best known as Jason/Jonathan

ZiGZaG, an extremely passionate and talented C&C gamer who loved and gave everything for C&C. Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge have seen huge amounts of his time as a volenteer game admin. Working with the XWIS and CnCNet Servers, our RA2 & YR games continue as we know them, but with thanks to ZiGZaG, are now more fair, more competitive and more alive than ever before.

On behalf of the CnCNet team and communities, we send our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Rest in peace ZiGZaG

The things I remember about Jason mostly is probably the banter. The amount of times he mocked me for being English and similarly me mocking him for being Scottish - good times! If you think about it... like many of the people here I've played a scary amount of games with him, certainly in the hundreds and god knows how much playing time that works out as. He was always very competitive and we'd often ruin each other's chances of getting a decent rank on the ladder. Not to mention all the time he was an XWIS admin and a CNCnet staff member for a very long time, keeping this game going one way or another - Chandler

Oh my God. This is just awful for the community. Zig was a huge part of the community and was completely instrumental in helping us through CNCNet Ladder's renovation. He was the leader in the map movement here for the ladder and continually updated the map list for the QM feature every month. He had a great knowledge of the games history and ladder systems. He truly made it a better place to play. He always put his money where his mouth was as an old XWIS admin and a leader in the CNCNet QM community he was always helping behind the scenes... far more than he ever needed to. As for me, we've been playing since Zig was new to the game in some 2005 or even earlier. I think his nickname was ellgav3 or something, but don't quote me on that one. The point is, this internet friend has been around me for over 13+ years. This announcement really shook me last night. Zig was incredibly passionate about the games and was willing to make friends with everyone. Such a huge loss for our community. - XXxPrePxX

RIP Jason, really nice guy and a pillar in the community. I will keep my nick in our 2v2 xwis clan! - [NRA]Rocketeer

Great fucking guy. I've probably known him for 15 years, really sad to hear this. RIP you fucking legend. - [AuF]Mindwar

I just played some games with him a few days back. This guy was so cool, and I was always psyched to be in the same gameroom with him. This news reminds me of when Xwis player Brett passed away a few years back. I don't even know these guys in person, but I still feel sad just the same. RiP Jason/ZiGZaG - aWarNoob1

We all been together in a group skype for years now..ZiGZaG,Buffalo, Mindwar,Chandler and Sero Like Chandler said...the almost daily banter going back n forth in a competitive but friendly pushed to tears sitting here still in dis-belief after only just finding out myself.My breathe feels like its been knocked out of me like i been punched in the chest.. Jonny Smith was his real name although many knew him as "jason" remember how short life can be the end of the day Ziggy died a human being, a son, a brother and many other heart goes out to his family and friends..RIP friend! - -AuF- AuFRuLeR

Just seen this on Facebook. I played yuri with him since 2005 and he was one of the people I grew up playing this game with. He taught me a lot when I first started playing, and I have a lot of fun memories and stories with him on this game and just talking in general. Was a really good guy sad to see him go, RIP brother - a1nthony

this is really a Sad news to hear. Ziggy was always helpful to every1 in his own way i enjoyed playing with him he was a good Guy it's a big loss to the community may u R.I.P Bro - DoDger

Just saw post from his family on facebook :( he was a really good guy and very helpful . was a great player and i very enjoyed knowing such player and person. R.I.P - JSDS

oh fucking wow man, i'm so lost for words......a truly great friend from ra2. i'm fucking sad for real man - Marsh

ZiGZaG Quick Matches (Ranked - May)

ZiGZaG Quick Matches (Ranked - March)

a good guy, always had peoples best interest in mind- RIP - DistantQ

I woke up to the news this morning and it really did strike a chord with me, a real lump in the throat whilst travelling to work. Jason was a really genuine and nice guy (and not just because he went easy on me in our games against each other), but because he had everyone's best interest at heart, both as a friend and as a player. The very fact that he contributed to both the XWIS and CnCNet communities at the same time, despite the conflict of interest between the two sites, showed how much he truly cared about you all and the game that he loved to play and keep alive and going strong.

We've all grown up one way or another together throughout the years, playing countless matches along with throwing complete expletives at one another, and when I look back, that I joined XWIS in 2006, and we're now in 2018, time has really flown by. Playing and working with Jason or anyone throughout that time for so long, they are apart of you today, and I think that's what makes today especially as hard, as we are losing one of our own that we've known for so long. He is still with us, he lives with us in our memory, our heated games (mainly defeats for me) and the contributions he has left us behind to continue building upon.

Not many will know, but behind the scenes he gave us a good kick up the arse from time to time, keeping us inline with what was fair. I admired that about him, just being brutally honest and to the point, and always thinking of the players best interests. Being a very passionate individual who always thought about the game and the community, we've lost a massive community leader. A friend taken from us far too soon in this world.

I think speak for the CnCNet and XWIS team and communities combined, that our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends, we are all thinking of you at this very hard time.

Rest in peace Jason. - Grant

I can't believe this! I've had so many conversations with Jason on skype. He did always help me. No matter what it was... That's really not fair. It hurts me very much. We had so many funny things to talk about... Woaw that's so hard!
RIP Jason! - GanXster

One of the friendliest people I knew. Always helpful, always in for a laugh. Been playing with him since wol time and every time I log in, I was hoping he would online. My condolences to his friends and family. - supewwaw

I am honored for been in his last stream Years ago I lost a mate who passed away because of heart failure, like Jonny he was a special guy, life isn't fair at all. - aWarN1GGa

This one who killed him must live forever and suffer all his life long. I played sometimes with him, but i know him since 2010 as a very kind and responsive guy, worthy of nice reverence. I had a great time playing with him. I'm not going to say much due to small experience in this kind of expressions. My apologies if something wrong. Few days ago I was thinking to go online and to see some old friends, and ZiGZaG too. Long ago I told him I'll visit him someday... Rest in peace Jonny! - Ezer_2000

As I now stare blankly at our Skype history, I'm simply unable to find the words to express how deeply saddening it is to lose such a great individual. RIP buddy - Tahj

I have played ziggy (Jason) a couple of times and he would always beat me. I remember the memories with him. He was such a helping hand to the community. I really feel bad for his family and the community. Anyways you will stay in our hearts legend-ZiGZaG. - VahagnKing

oh that sad, ZiGZaG/Jason is well known and respected for all his work on both sites, my condolence to his family - Enj0y

R.I.P Jason, he was a fun guy and always in a good mood, also one of the best SOV players. I hope justice takes place soon. - BornL33T

That is a bloody real shame indeed. RIP mate, we had some good times over the years! - willy

R.I.P. We will miss you around here. - Niek

jason was a nice guy, rip mate - Exemplify

Man im so sad to get this confirmation. He really was a nice guy. Jason buddy RIP. Condolences to his family. - HCKiD

Played him several times. This makes me so sad. Life is not fair. RIP - lukke

RIP! A great member of the community!! - lmworried

Rest in Peace Jason you will be missed. - naWb