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Play C&C: Reloaded Online, Free, Forever

Play C&C: Reloaded Online for Free

There's never been a better time to play C&C: Reloaded...

Amazing Features

  • 5 playable Factions: Allies, Soviets, Yuri, GDI & Nod
  • Multiplayer Co-Op Missions for 2 players
  • Singleplayer Missions from Yuri's, Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun & Firestorm
  • Over 300 Skirmish/Multiplayer Maps
  • Wide selection of new Options and Game Modes
  • New Units and improved game balance
  • New aggressive AI compared to Yuri's Revenge AI
  • Wide selection of new Options and Game Modes
  • Easy installation, Download & Play

... Players Online

online on CnCNet

Note, Yuri's Revenge must be installed to play C&C Reloaded on CnCNet's Free Server. The game is not included in this download. EA Games have not released Yuri's Revenge as Freeware. You can buy a digital copy of all Command & Conquer games from the EA App

Multiplayer Online, LAN, Skirmish

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