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Learn how to play C&C Renegade Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

Command & Conquer: Renegade

This guide will show you how to play Single player and Online
with Command & Conquer: Renegade.

Who are W3D Hub?

W3D Hub is a community that specialises in maintaining, updating and modifying Renegade. The launcher they provide is used as a single platform for playing Renegade and other ambitious Renegade-based games.


Download & Install Renegade

You can now buy a digital copy of all 12 Command & Conquer games from the EA Origin Store. If you have Renegade already, skip this step.

More information on which games have been officially been released as freeware can be found here


Install the latest Patch

The Tiberian Technologies patch is the most popular community update for Renegade. It contains many bug fixes and makes the game compatible with the latest versions of Windows.


Install W3D Hub Launcher

Once the W3D Hub launcher has been installed, follow the instructions below.

  • Run the W3D Hub Launcher
  • Click the "Games" tab in the menu bar.
  • Click C&C Renegade in the left menu.
  • If the launcher hasn't found your Game automatically, click "Import" and browse to "Game.exe". (Found where Renegade is installed).

Play Single Player and Online!

Using the W3D Hub Launcher, you are now able to play Single Player or battle it out against others Online.

To look for online games, go to the Server Browser and click the Join Server button.

Renegade Servers

Name Address Map Time left Players