The CnCNet team consists of a broad range of talent and commercial experience including design, networking and development.

Contributors, past and present

We would like to thank everyone who has supported CnCNet, there are a few names in particular that stand out with their contributions to CnCNet.

Active Contributors

  • Funkyfr3sh
  • dkeeton
  • Rampastring
  • Kerbiter
  • Starkku

Past Contributors

  • hifi
  • Myg
  • CCHyper
  • OmniBlade
  • Irony
  • psde
  • Iran
  • Sonarpulse
  • tomsons26
  • neogrant

Contribute to CnCNet

We're always looking for developers to help us maintain and develop CnCNet with it's supported games.

If you would like to help with a project on CnCNet, or have something else cool in mind you'd like to add, contact us on our Discord server.

Find us on Discord

CnCNet supports open-source

Many of the projects behind CnCNet are open-sourced and we're working on open-sourcing even more of them. You can find all of our open-source projects on our GitHub page. Start exploring the projects right away!