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The CnCNet team consists of a broad range of talent and commercial experience including design, networking and development.

Donating to the team

Below you can find the incredible team who are responsible for developing everything around CnCNet. Some of the team members have provided a way to donate if you wish to say thank you to anyone individually.

CnCNet relies on your support

CnCNet runs on community support. All our finances are managed transparently using our Open Collective page. With enough support we can not only cover hosting expenses but also afford new features!

Please note features may take time to develop, and your support towards any feature are explicitly voluntarily, providing extra incentive for a developer to voluntarily implement the feature. We recommend that you consult the Developer channel in our Discord server before requesting a feature.

Support CnCNet via Open Collective

Active Contributors

We would like to thank everyone who has supported CnCNet,
below are a few names in particular that stand out with their contributions to CnCNet.


A long time contributor and key figurehead for CnCNet, xme made Quick match on CnCNet possible. Building the QM client along with many of the critical features to make a ladder, xme has maintained various parts of the ladder since development first started in in 2017.

Xme has also built the foundations and structure for clan ladders, ready to be built with the next QM client.

Over 200+ commits, 20,000 additions

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A programmer, hobbyist game designer, reverse-engineer and 2D graphics artist. Rampastring is mostly occupied with Command & Conquer mods and related tools and best known as the original author of the CnCNet Client, creator of various advanced C&C Tiberian Sun engine hacks, and the co-leader of Dawn of the Tiberium Age (DTA).

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Inspired software engineer at life, Kerbiter came from YR / TS modding community and started contributing to XNA CnCNet Client that is now used for CnCNet YR.

Among many improvements he authored is Discord Rich Presence support. Now he's one of the client's maintainers and a CnCNet admin who mainly helps new & existing contributors.

Also happens to be a co-author of Phobos YR engine extension which provides greater modding and mapping capabilities.

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Burg is a contributor towards the CnCNet Ladder and manages Yuri's Revenge updates.

Developments from Burg:

  • Created a handful of popular YR maps ranging from 3v3/4v4 and competitive 1v1 ladder maps. Helped lead initiatives for new community maps.

  • Orchestrated regular YR CnCNet client updates to include new maps and community client features.

  • Maintained RA2 and YR CnCNet quick match ladders. Managed ladder map pools, moderated ladder rules, worked closely with community to improve the ladder. Edited QM maps as necessary per community feedback

  • Developed ladder enhancements such as: reduce map repeats, remove point filter, creation of RA2/Blitz/SFJ ladders, and general ladder maintenance.

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Devo1929, a contributor towards the XNA CnCNet Client, is looking to port over the current QM client to the XNA CnCNet Client codebase, opening up a path for new features and contributors for QM.

Developments from Devo1929 in the XNA client are:

Donate to devo1929 via PayPal


Neogrant has been responsible for designing and building anything around the CnCNet websites. Returning in 2022 after a break in 2019, his focus has been building new features on the CnCNet ladders and implementing a new design across the CnCNet websites.

Developments this since returning:

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Past Contributors

Below are the team who are not so active in the CnCNet scene today
but equally brought so much with their contributions to CnCNet.