The CnCNet team consists of a broad range of talent and commercial experience including design, networking and development.

Contributors, past and present

We would like to thank everyone who has supported CnCNet, there are a few names in particular that stand out with their contributions to CnCNet.

Active Contributors.

  • Funkyfr3sh
  • dkeeton
  • Grant
  • Rampastring
  • tomsons26

Past Contributors

  • hifi
  • Myg
  • CCHyper
  • OmniBlade
  • Irony
  • psde
  • Iran
  • Sonarpulse

Contact a Developer?

CnCNet is an open source multiplayer platform.

We're always looking for developers to help us maintain and develop CnCNet with it's supported games. You can find us in our public IRC channel, forums, or Discord channel.

  • #cncnet-developers
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We're always looking for help

If you would like to help with a project on CnCNet, or have something else cool in mind you'd like to add, contact us on our IRC channel, or talk to us Discord